List of Projects in 2017 Motion Reel
Vifs Directing & Motion Graphic
Catch and Throw Directing & Motion Graphic
Tips on Taking Breaks - Part One Directing & Motion Graphic
Deskercise - Series One Directing & Motion Graphic
Party Fowl Directing & Motion Graphic
Shung-Chao Technology Basketball Highlight 2017 Filming & Motion Graphic
Level On Undergraduate Thesis Project
Viacom 2016 Town Hall Animated Open Character Design & Animation
Intro sequence for "The Jinxing Show" at Lincoln Center 2016 Design & Motion Graphic
Pop Quiz! - Hello Konzi Installation at Grand Central Design & Motion Graphic
Pop On - Product Video Design & Motion Graphic
Music - Background HappyMood - A look Out
Vifs, Party Fowl, and Viacommunity are listed below. Visit my Vimeo to explore more projects!
Daily Routines Made Fun
Vifs is a series of looping animations that depict the daily activities of Viacom employees I created for the lobby screens at Viacom's Times Square HQ.
Twerking Turkey
Party Fowl is a two-part series of a dancing turkey animations that capture the spirit of Thanksgiving and the essence of the Viacom Culture I created for the lobby screens at Viacom's Times Square HQ.
Turn Up For Good/Fun!
Viacommunity Day is a series of promotional animations that provide information for the volunteering community service at Viacom I created for screens at Viacom's New York and London HQ.

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